It all began with a good

deed and pure intentions

Our story began mid-2014 when a number of passionate young people involved in a range of community development areas came together with a keen interest in making an influential difference in our communities.

Not only do we see Community Care Network as a means to support those in need, but it is also a platform in which the community as a whole can serve others, an essential element of our Islamic teachings empathised by Allah in the Quran, and exemplified by the blessed Prophet Muhammad (SAW) throughout his life. We also hope to raise awareness for those who volunteer with us to the struggles faced by many in society, and to help create empathy in their hearts towards all, regardless of their circumstances.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Sarah Charmand


Fawad Abro

Vice Chair

Suci Faitna


Suvie Faitna

Vice Treasurer

Amr Fouda

Vice Secretary

Hissan Kazi

Food Coordinator

Naz Buksh

Volunteer Manager

Pongky Nataatmaja

Marketing & Social Media Manager